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Imagine – a world where people read beyond the ink, look beyond the immediate, listen to those who are different.
Imagine a world that is so familiar becoming, all of a sudden, so strange, so different, that you can’t help but Read. Listen. Watch.

Read – about a world that isn’t your textbook, that isn’t just words on paper. Read between the lines, see the meaning, understand it, and internalize it.
But I read everyday!
I do too. But do you read yourself, do you figure out what you want? Or do you memorize what people say? Do you turn meaning into thoughts into actions into life? Do you run through the pages on a book and the words blur because you’re skimming too quickly?

Watch – a world that changes so quickly. Look up from the ground when you run to class, to your job, to your meeting. Do you see the leaves change color, the snow swirl down in eddies, the flowers shoot up? Or do you forget what season it is?

Listen – to everyone around you. We asked the same three questions and got a world of answers. When you talk, do you really listen to what the other person is saying? Or are you already thinking about what to say next?
Listen to what people share with you, and maybe, you’ll learn something, see something, read something from their words.

We run through life and then we can’t catch our breath. What’s so important to us in the moment are only grains of sand when we look back at the ocean of our lives. My parents once said, “We don’t ever worry about you not working hard enough, we worry about you working too much.” Once upon a time I had rolled my eyes and said no such thing existed. I’m young. The world is new. I have opportunities. And then I can’t remember the last time I looked around,  read a book, or listened to music. I can’t remember the last time I took the leisure to imagine a world I wanted to be a part of, and not my part in someone else’s world.


"Tomorrow is tomorrow. Future cares have future cures. And we must mind today."

--- Sophocles